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Step into the electrifying world of modern marketing with Marissa Candy, a powerhouse author and speaker who exudes boundless energy and captivates audiences with her dynamic presence.

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About Marissa Candy

Feel the pulse of innovation and experience the thrill of transformation with Marissa Candy, a visionary leader in the media and marketing landscape. Her unparalleled energy and engaging demeanor make every encounter an unforgettable experience, leaving audiences inspired and empowered to achieve unprecedented success.

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Immerse yourself in Marissa Candy's groundbreaking new book, The Rebel Marketer: Rewrite the Rules, Reignite Your Business, and Dominate Your Market!" With her wealth of knowledge and revolutionary strategies, Marissa challenges the status quo and propels businesses to new heights of success. Prepare to rethink your position in the market and embrace a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Keynote Speaking

Elevate your events and energize your teams with Marissa Candy's captivating keynote. Her magnetic personality and infectious enthusiasm create an atmosphere of excitement and engagement, drawing audiences in and sparking transformative conversations. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and ready to conquer the corporate world with newfound vigor. In demand topics include marketing, breaking the rules, women in business, mums in business, maximizing millennials potential, your values told differently, unlocking team potential and much more.

Consulting Services

Experience the power of Marissa Candy's consulting services and unlock the secrets to sustainable success. Her proven strategies and innovative approach have reshaped the trajectory of countless businesses, empowering them to redefine their position in the market and achieve unprecedented growth.

With Marissa by your side, success is not just a destination—it's a thrilling journey of discovery and transformation.

What people say

"Marissa Candy's energy is contagious, and her insights are truly transformative.”

“Her knowledge and strategies have reignited our passion for marketing and made us rethink our position in the market.”

“Working with Marissa has been an incredible experience, and her impact on our business has been nothing short of extraordinary."

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