Marissa Candy

Multiple award winning Marketer, Founder of The Marketing Factory, Keynote Speaker, and Editor. 

Meet the Rebel Marketer

Multi-award winning Marketer, Founder of The Marketing Factory, Success North Queensland, Keynote Speaker, and Author. 

"In a world that's constantly changing, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. My mission is to empower you to embrace the unknown with confidence, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Let's redefine what's possible together."

Marissa Candy is a professional keynote speaker who has inspired audiences around Australia with her compelling and energetic vibe. With over 20 years’ experience working in her field of marketing, Marissa is mastering her craft and combines her expertise in business and communication with her passion for inspiring change to deliver powerful presentations that resonate with all audiences.

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Marissa's educational background is rooted in marketing, business and entrepreneurship, and has established many businesses from the ground up. Her charismatic personality and captivating storytelling abilities have made her a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences, corporate events, and seminars.

Marissa's speaking style is engaging and thought-provoking, leaving audiences not only entertained but also equipped with practical strategies they can implement in their lives and careers. Her broad range of topics includes leadership, personal development, innovation, and diversity and inclusion, all delivered with a unique blend of humor, insight, and inspiration. Throughout her illustrious career, Marissa has had the opportunity to interview some of the country’s most influential leaders and innovators. Her ability to ask the right questions that inspire positive change has earned her that recognition in the industry.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Marissa is also a mother, a dedicated mentor and coach, and founder of The Marketing Factory, an advertising agency she founded in 2007. She believes that effective communication is the key to personal and professional success, and she is committed to helping business owners and managers alike bring to life their unique content.

Marissa Candy is more than just a speaker; she is a catalyst for change, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking to inspire audiences. Her passion, expertise, and dedication make her an unforgettable presence on any stage.